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Shenzhen Yaweihua Industrial Co., Ltd professionally develops and sales gas equipments. Now, it launches a stoving and barbecuing equipment--- Gas infrared-ray burner, it uses ported ceramic plaque as the burning furnace head, and it adopts the advanced science technology design. More than 50% energy will be saved and pollution be reduced when it is used in heating, drying or heat perversion. Due to the complete pre-mix with air when burning, it ensures the complete combustion so as to reduce the pollutant emission. The infrared-ray released by the burner when it is burning has strong penetration, which makes the resonance of water molecule happens, so the heat permeates equably into the deep of the heated object, all that guarantees the heating effect, improve the heating quality and drying efficiency.
Gas infrared-ray burner possesses the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low pollution, economical and practical as well as easy installation etc. Compared with the electric ones, more than 50% of the cost has been saved. So it has become a new process, new tendency for the industrial heating, drying and heat perversion. It has been widely used in industrial baking varnish, printing and dyeing, food or other fields.
It is widely used in different fields such as metal processing, agriculture, catering and service industry etc.
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