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Our company offers TeAn series gas alarm. With its advanced technology, superior performance,other industry companies speak highly of our company and we are also praised by many users.The major varieties are as following:
Wall-mounted: ES2000 combustible gas alarm(The type A is semiconductor; The type C is catalytic combustion ) JB-QT-TON90AA, combustible gas alarm
Portable: EP200-1 detector(detect the combustible gas catalytic combustion pump suction style, and liquid crystal display touching screen
EP200-2 detector(detect the toxic gas.catalytic combustion pump suction style, and liquid crystal display touching screen)
SSS-318B detector(detect the combustible gas.The catalytic combustion pump suction style response fast and the built-in battery is more safety)
Pocket: EP100 gas detector (Electrochemical,detect H2S and CO)
Household: TON90G(freestanding combustible gas detector)
TON90Gfreestanding toxic gas detector
Transmitter: JB-QT-TON90AT combustible gas detector
Detected gas:natural gas, H2, NH3, CO, SO2, O2, H2S,etc.Extra-safety series alarm is widely used in all kinds of chemical factory ,liquid gas station and Oil depot which is easy to occur the combustible gas leakage. TeAn series alarm praised by users and enjoyed by the other industry companies.
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