Phenolic Foam Pre-Insulated Air Duct Panel


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Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated air duct panel Compounded with Aluminum Foil is of high strength, which takes phenolic foam as the core material with reinforcing the aluminum foil on both sides. Its a kind of noncombustible material which gives off no smoke and no poisonous gas when exposing to fire. Its bending strenght reaches over 1Mpa and the thermal conductivity index 0.020w/mk. The phenolic foam can be fabricated into all kinds of rectangular(bended) ducts by cutting and adhesive connecting, then can be assembled into the air ducts of different specifications by using the fire-proof flange and adhesive. Its widely used for the ventilation systems of central air conditioning units in hotels, apartments, hospitals, office buildings and other deluxe buildings.
The Feature of Goot Phenolic Foam Air Duct System:
Lower heat conductivity, higher thermal efficiency
Low density, light weight
Foamed with CFC free materials, environment protective
Hermetic seal ensures little air leakage
With aluminum foil reinforced on both sides, its corrosion protective, hygeian, and has a beautiful appearance.
Foamed with closed-cell structure, its water-proof and sound-insulated.
Easy making, rapid installing and convenient maintenance saves cost.
No protrudent flange on the connections, it can save a lot of building space.
  • ISO 9001:2008

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