Insulating Oil Tester

Product ID: YJJ-II

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1.1 General introduction
YJJ-II Insulating Oil Tester is produced according to the National Standard GB-86 Determination Method for Dielectric Strength of Transformer Oil. The parameters are set in advance with the adjusting switch and then the instrument strictly works on the basis of the preset parameters. After doing one test, the results can be printed if you want. This instrument has a series of characteristics, such as strong anti-jamming, simple operation, sound&light warning.

1.2 Technical index
1. Input voltage: AC 220v
2. Output voltage: AC 0—100kv
3. Voltage rising rate: 2kv/s±10%
4. Test precision: 3.0grade
5. Testing times: 1---9 times,
Stir time: 0---99seconds,
Waiting time: 0---9 minutes and 59 seconds
6. Temperature: 5---40℃, relative humidity:≤90% RH
7. Size: 420mm*325mm*300mm, Weight:28kg

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