Anti-riot suit

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(Riot control suit,riot control uniform,Anti-riot Armour)
The armors are used for covering and protecting most of body parts from hard blows and shocks and also anti-punching or penetrating out of stabbing by a sharp tool, anti-fire and anti-acidity or alkalinity.
Main performance of Anti-riot Unniform:
1.Adjustable jaw belt and standard buckle ,comfortable and firm wearing ,easy to put on and off.
2.Areas to be protected including:chest,back,lower abdomen,shoulders,Arms,forearms, knee, thighs, and shin.

Material High-performance project plastic+high molecular weight polythene non-fiber cloth.
Height 160-190 cm
Total protection area 1.08m2
Penetration resistance No penetration by 20J kinetic energy
Impact strength No damage.No crack on protection layer by 120J kinetic energy
Energy absorbency Impress not over 20mm by 100J knetic energy
Fire-resistance Measure up to FV-2 level for protection layer, oxygen indicator over 28%.
Color Black, Navy blue
Weight < 7.0Kg

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