transparent scented gel decorative candle, candles

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transparent scented gel decorative candle, candles

• Gel candle(transparent, scented), jelly candle, scented gel candle
• Colour: red, green, and transparent
• Material: gel wax
• Smell: ass.fragrance
• Material: jelly candle, gel candle,
• We welcome customers design.
Gel candle with high quality and reasonable price, can be a special decoration and interesting gift. Add special and interesting element to your life.

creates unique, peaceful and finely crafted home decorating candles.
These candles are the most wonderful candles on the market today. High quality, expertly crafted candles that look and feel so lovely you can not tell them from traditional candles.
Each one has its own relaxing fragrance.
Pick your favorite, or let us surprise you!
We will provide you with the necessary products.
(transparent, scented)jelly candle, gel candle, decorative scented candle, scented jelly candle, candles

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