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Keywords: oil filter hydraulic filter High pressure filter
Effect: Hydraulic pressure oil return/suction filter element install oil-put of oil pump in common. use to protect oil pump avoid to suction major mechanical admixture.filtering prill what component abrade created in hydraulic pressure and sealing element rubber impurity etc pollutant, make oil what reflow to tank keep clean .
top and bottom caps material: aluminum, stainless steel
inner tube material: galvanized sheet, stainless steel tube
filter medium, material:stainless steel mesh and filter paper
Applications: scope of application: petroleum, water, air, oil field, refinery, medicine equipment, pipeline filters, railroad, astronautics, project machinery, etc

Our company was founded in 1987 , has done in filtering field for more than 25 years , major products are filters and filter cartridges , used in all kinds of industry.
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