800L TO 1600L Blood Bank Refrigerator

800L TO 1600L Blood Bank Refrigerator

800L TO 1600L Blood Bank Refrigerator

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The HEPO series of Blood Bank Refrigerators using famous micro temperature control system and compressor,4±1℃ temperature control,PT100 temperature sensor,patent air circle designing for temperature eveness and no condensation water.

Precise Temperature Control
Using high accuracy sensor to control,display,and warn
Inner cabinet temperature range in 4±1℃,temperature display accuracy of ± 0.1℃
Microprocessor-based temperature control system.
Printer was connected to record the change of temperature in long term

Safety Functions
Double layer digital display for temperature
Warning system when temperature off-limits,power failure and door open
Warning mode with buzzer,light flashing,and remote warning;
Time-delay prevention for starting up in case of off-limits currency rushing
Safe running mode when in trouble

Cooling System
Famous branded compressor,non-CFC environmental high efficiency refrigerant
Using excellent high efficient evaporator and condensation of German

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