High Tenacity Twisted Polypropylene/PP FDY Yarn (50D~3600D)

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Main technical parameters:
Item Unit First quality
Deviation of line density(%): +-2.5
Strength at rupture G/D: ≥ 7.0
CV of strength: ≤ 10
Percentage of elongation (%): 15~30
CV for percentage of elongation: ≤ 10
Shrinkage in boiling water (%): ≤ 5
Oil rate (%): ≤ 2
Twisted: 45~200

High tenacity twisted PP. FDY yarn is widely used to bind Chrstmas trees(tree trunk and branch), high tenacity, flame retardandy, UV resistance, etc. We are a supplier that specializes in High tenacity twisted PP. FDY yarn. We can provide the high quality product of various spec and color.
  • ISO 9001: 2008

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