Parking recording mode is possible standby about 1 week.

Parking recording mode is possible standby about 1 week.


Product ID: CHO-1080H

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Model CHO-1080H/G720/G740H/H88

It is the latest designed product at the moment and it is combined with High Resolution: 1080P video recorder.

It’s a single car black box can record the driving process with G-sensor function which allows record and save when accident happens.
Avoid Overwriting to cover the file.
Real full HD resolution: The super-wide review 120 degrees to support with full HD resolution.
Automatic Digital focus : Offers a 4X Digital focus to zoon in and zoon out
Easy-to-use and installation: Adjustable mount lets you point the Vehicle Camera in any direction
Anti-blind brightness: Built in illuminometer sensor for brightness and clearly recording.
Emergency button recording: Data can be stored without impacts with Emergency button necessary images are stored as proofs, the recording is saved as an accident file type and it doesnt automatically get deleted, It requires users confirmation when you want to delete.
Built in DC12-24 volts chipset : The device can be in

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