Ceramic Blade-B

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Zhenjiang ZeRong Potter & Porcelain CO., LTD(YangZhong RongXin Grinding Tools and Abrasive Co. Ltd.) is focused on explotation and development in special ceramic and inorganic membrance. RongXin is a full sevice solution provider in filtration for separating solids from liquids. Companies in mining from our high-efficiency process technologies, products and solutions for dehydration, sewage treatment and an ash- removal gear of power systems.
Through the IS09001certification.
The product is mainly used for mining dehydration,fields of environmental protection such as sewage treatment and ash-removal gear of power systems.
Main products: Ceramic filter plates, Ceramic blade, Ceramic filter, Ceramic distributor, Filter press, ceramic plate, Ceramic board, Ceramic scraper.

Main Products

Ceramic filter plates,Ceramic blade,Ceramic filter,Ceramic distributor