PTFE fiber braided packing

PTFE fiber braided packing

PTFE Fiber Braided Packing with Oil(Without Oil)

Product ID: XT008 & 009

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XT007(without oil) & XT008(with oil)

are the packings of pure high density of PTFE,dimensionally stable and with a very low rate of water absorption.The dispersion of PTFE power grants low superficial friction and prevents losses through the packing braids.It resists to the vast majority of chemical,food products.They are applicable for packing-seal of valves,pumps,and vessels in corrosive medium.

Main areas of application:

Applicable for packing-seals of valves,pumps,expension joints,static applications,and vessels in corrosive medium.


Excellent valve stern packings for all chemicals and corrosives,inert to all fluids except molten alkali metals.
  • ISO9001:2008

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