Latest Bluetooth watch bracelet Mic and speaker vibration caller

Product ID: HH3227_EF-1

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Latest Bluetooth bracelet watch headset Mic &speaker vibration caller


Technical Specifications

Compatible with Bluetooth 2.1 specification
Class 2 standard (10 meters)
Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
Effective distance 5-10M
Automatic power saving mode
Support low-power mode / high speed mode
Secure authentication, data encryption

Main features

A: Caller name and number display (name plus number);
B: Beyond the 5-10M disconnect prompt (vibrating alarm) 3 seconds;
C: Call vibrating alert;
D: answer / call / hang up function;
E: Headset / Handsfree;
F: Support MP3 player
G: synchronization of the phone book
H: time display; Accessories: charger, manual, charging cable.


1 Charge
Bluetooth bracelet contains a rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery. Before using for the first time, please fully charge the Bluetooth bracelet (charging time is about 2 hours).
1.1 How to Charge bracelet
Bluetooth bracelet charging interface a

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