WOTE Jumping Jets nozzle

WOTE Jumping Jets nozzle

Jumping Jet

Product ID: Cool Fog Watercape

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Set water control (air control) machine-oriented at the nozzle outlet, water control oriented mechanism no need adding any other equipment which is better than any one of the jumping jets. Stepper motor set controller or Pneumatic jumping jet set air pump.) Through the PLC program control of water forming a section of the water column jump in the air, colorful, playful and abundant. Be free to control the combination of multi-branch evolved into a wonderful and harmony water animation in the air, which made people unforgettable and shows the charm of science and technology.

  A few pieces of jumping jets are organized to jump from one place to another, or jump randomly, In the hallway, flowers, ready-made ditch, miniature golf course, a water park, interactive entertainment area, through windows, walls, indoor hall…several pieces of jumping jets are together installed in the garden to form a interactive water recreation area
Jumping above tourists’ head.

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