Intelligent talking doll

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New QA Baby Doll
1)EN 71/ISO9001:2008
2)Simulation baby doll
3)English Dialogue IC availuable
4)Box packing or Simple

educational intelligent childrens doll,music dolls,intelligent toy


PVC Plastic

PP Cotton



Size:15/22/24 inch

Characteristic:Skins similar to human skin,PP cotten body feels very realistic.

English/Arabic/Spanish/Russian IC

Sing 2 /6/10 songs

Tell 2/4/5 storeis

Good Use:Gifts for kids age 5+;Be a companion playing with kids

IC Function:Dialogue,singing,tell stories(3 Batteries whose size is 1.5v AA are needed)

Market:New markets all over the world

Certificate:ISO9001:2008;EN71:1/2/3 ;CCC

Remark:We can help you to put your IC in your QA Baby dolls

We still support OEM

Contact us if you have any further questions...

Intelligent doll How to use:

1.Open the toys back put batteries in the sign and close the battery box.Set on/off switch"on" for entering into working state.

2.In the working state,if you press the button and hold it for more than 3s,the toy will enter into sleep state.Press the button for a short moment to set English or another language.

3.This toy contains some small parts,so it is not suitable for under 5-year-old children to use.

4.If the toy is in the sleep state,please wake it up by switch or reloading the batteries.

5.If the toy can not understand you constantly,you can try to press the switch or reload the batteries.

6.If there is not enough power,please change the batteries on time.

7.To avoid cause any damage to the electronic components.Dont press the toy on force.Keep far from water and to avoid damp!If washing needed,pls take the model out,and re-build if when done.

Intelligent doll How to play

1.In a quite place and in an appropriate distance(around 40CM~50CM);you could feel the best recognition result.

2.Please play with the pre-setting question;in addition,please speak in mandarin clearly,in a moderate speed.

3.Please dont ask next question when toy is answering.The toy could only play with one person in the same time.In case of many peoples,please play with him one by one.

Intelligent Dialogue

1.Alice 2.Am I pretty?

3.Where are you from? 4. Who is your prince?

5.Do you have pets? 6. I love you.

7. Are you fashion girl? 8.Do you like school?

9. Time for dinner! 10.Sing me a song

11. Tell me a story 12. Good bye
  • EN 71/ISO9001:2008

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