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solar panel bulbs

LED Solar Light Bulb

Product ID: YL-SPI 013

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Rechargeable LED Solar Lantern is a Bulb light design for people to use in camping or area where power outage occurs, Solar LED Lighting comes with its own internal battery and can be used as a standard led light or as a emergency rechargeable light. The extendable handle gives it the comfort for a led flashlight as well as emergency lighting. With a charging time of 4 hours after fully charged will give 8 hours of light.
You never need to be in the dark again with its remote control solar lights and solar panel as well as car charger just one of our solar lighting systems

Our Solar Lighting system, come complete with internal Lithium Battery, and can be used as a one bulb system and a 3/4/5/6/8 Bulb system, our system has been designed for the area that have no electricity or continues power failures.
One remote can control all the bulbs, and our one bulb system comes complete with car charger and USB phone Charger.
100% Energy Saving - with these system you only need the power of the Sun and you can have 10 hours of lighting at no cost.
Guaranteed for 3 years, no specialist insulation needed, and no expensive external battery, Ready to use, easy to install.

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