Chinese cloisonne Exercise Balls(kongfu ball)

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magnetic medicine ball, Chinese Healthy Ball Massage Chiming Set.

Here is a Chinese Healthy Ball Massage Set. These balls are said to have a great healing therapy on your nerves and are great for muscle tone in your hands wrists and forearms. Works great to help relieve pain from carpal tunnel and tendonitis. As you rotate the balls in your hand, they chime and relax you. The balls are metal, hollow and have chiming sounding plates inside. Play them to relax and reduce stress. Beautiful silk covered box and instructions included.

Directions: The balls are placed in ones hand and with the muscles in ones fingers and forearms contracting and relaxing hamoniously. Beginners should select balls of a smaller size and them, over time, increase ball size as ones proficiency improves. Ultimately, one can exercise both hands alternately or simultaneously and may even choose to use three or four balls in one hand.
  • CE. ROHS

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