Edible Luster Dust

Product ID: YSLD-03

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Product Description

Edible luster dust are a unique and exquisite range of food grade pigments developed to give your products the eye catching and distinctive look they deserve. They consist only of edible, widely approved food colorants and/or iron dioxide. The shine and colour effects are completely different to those using common absorption or metallic pigments normally used in the food industry

Technical Details
Food grade pigments for use in all aspects of food and cake making
100% edible lustre dust
Easy to use and can be painted, dusted or added to piping work
Part of the edible silk range
Available in a huge range of colours

Mica, Titanium Oxide(TiO2), Iron(III) Oxide(Fe2O3),Food Color
  • SGS
  • ISO

Main Products

Chocolate Transfer Sheets, Sprinkles, Cupcake Wrapper