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Air jack series, use exhaust pipe or air compressor two days of inflatable system.Heavy duty and fast lift your car.

Air jack will safe lift your vehicle up out of a rut or bog in seconds.

Air jack simple to use without the risk of damage to your vehicle ascan happen with a high lift jack

An essential piece of equipment which you need to always have in your vehicle for emergencies

air jack

lifting capacity 2 tonne :2000kg---------sedans
3 tonne :3000kg -------sedans/4WD
4 tonne :4000kg---------4WD/SUV/RV
inflated height 2 tonne:470mm
3 tonne:630mm
4 tonne:780mm
inflated diameter 2 tonne:470mm
3 tonne:500mm
4 tonne:650mm
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