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We are Egyptian company work in exporting Egyptian Flax Fiber
(Water rotten) several kinds such as

1-Arouss flax (short fiber) .
Short fiber of (8-10cm) in bales 200kg ,beach 20 ton for 1x40 of feet container Pleased to inform you that we already to exported the A/M products to Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Romania, turkey and Marco
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his length 10cm to is make yarn NM 6
(also Flax processing produces a whole range of by-products that are used by the paper, spinning and chemical industries. Did you know that several bank notes are made of high-grade flax products? ).

2- Machine tow flax (short fiber).
This material is the by-product with hachled flax fiber in jute bales 200kg each 20-ton for 1x40feet container

2-2 Scutch tow
Short fiber ( 10-25cm) purity about 80-90% in jute bales 200kg each 20 ton 1x40 feet container
length 40cm-50cm it make yarn NM 15
and it is important for the robe factories

3- Scutched flax (long fiber).
scuthed fiber which we obtain from scuthing machine pressed in jute bales 250 k g . Each, 25 ton in 1x40 feet container
length from 75cm.95cm. it is make yarn NM 24.

4- Hackled flax fiber combed fiber (long fiber).
hackled fiber ,which we obtain from scutched fiber after hacking it on the hacking machines ,pressed in jute bales 250 kg .each25 ton for 1x40 feet container length from 80cm- 100cm.
it is make yarn NM 24.

5- Hackled Sliver .
We produce it by passing the hacked flax through a machine to have the silver with certain weight/meter as requested used for textile

6- Hackled Flax In Dolls .
hackled flax fiber we used to work it as customers need in many shaped (4head,2head,andjokia)to be suitable for plumbers use and other purpose 200-250gr .each in packet of 12.5 kg in plastic sac, every 4 packets together in one jute/plasticbaleof50kg each 22 ton 1x40feet container
it is used for plumbing,

Flax is the common name for an annual herb of the linaceae family, especially members of the genus linum, and for fiber obtained from such plants. The stem varies from 60 to 120 cm in length and consists of fiber bundles lying between the outer bark and woody core. The individual fibers, 10 to 40 are held together in the bundles by pectins.
The production of the FLAX has many stages
FLAX CULTIVATION: Requires a temperature, moist climate and good soil to florish. Around end of March the plant starts to bloom and by the end of May it is ready to harvest. It cannot be grown on the same land year after year
HARVESTING THE FLAX: Most flax matures in90 to 120 days and is harvested by careful pulling from the soil by hand to avoid damaging the fiber in the stem
RETTING THE FLAX: There are two kinds of retting- One is retted with water by action of molds and bacteria which remove gums and resins, and the SECOND one is simple exposure of the stems to the weather in the field
SCUTCHING THE FLAX is done by beating or crushing the inner woody core of the stems, leaving the desired bundles of long fiber intact. This produces about 75% linen flax (long fibers 60 to 90 cm long), about 25% TOW (short fiber) AROUSE (10 to 25 cm long), and Shive woody waste normaly used for chip board


We are pressed bales and each bales 250 k.g net weight also it is square like in Europe and it is not contains any wood or plastic materials, the bale made from jute.

1- The Hackled flax fiber 22 tons (88 bales)in 40" cnt .
2- The Scutched flax fiber 25 tons (100 bales) in 40 " cnt.
3- The Arouss flax fiber waste (short fiber)22 tons (88 bales) in 40" cnt.
4- The Arouss machine tow (short fiber) 22 tons (88 bales) in 40" cnt.
5- The Hackled in dolls (50 k.g each bale) 25 tons in 40" cnt.

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