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A&D INDUSTRIES, established in 1997, with 3 branches(located in Ningbo , Shanghai and Huangyan), cooperate with HaiShu Tooling Machinery&Electrical Co., Ltd., has provided injection, blowing, preform molds, die-casting and molded products(including plastic, rubber, metal products, etc.)for the auto, household, building, commodity, electrical, toys filed that have met and exceeded the needs for our customers. Experience gives us an edge over the competition and innovation is a trademark of the work we engage in. We take great pride in our level of quality, service and commitment that we provide for our customers.

Since product design is a significant factor in ease of manufacturing, tooling complexity and tooling cost, A&D INDUSTRIES frequently becomes involved in new projects at their inception. When needed, we can provide the most complete and comprehensive service in this area, including product design assistance, mold construction, mold testing, part production and final product evaluation.

We believe that any project that starts out well will end up well. This is why we stand behind our work from the beginning to the end.
  • Pet Preform Mold

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