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Chou Magnetics Co., Ltd is an expert on many kinds of magnetic devices. We can supply a kind of product named fuel magnets. When fuel is flowing to this fuel magnets (fuel saver), it magnetises fuel molecule and makes the molecule temporarily into cathode. Fuel burning will be more efficient in engine while reducing carbon.

The unit can improve your fuel mileage an average of 10%-20%. The unit gives you high test performance and lets low carbon monoxide. The gauss value has 12000 gauss.

Increase mileage(Fuel saving of up to 25%)
Pays for itself within a couple of months from your fuel's bill
Your engine will last much longer.
Reduces carbon monoxide emission
Uni-directional magnet. It does not interfere with any other electrical device
Works on petrol or diesel engines
Environmental friendly!
Maintenance Free and One time purchase
Install in less than 5 minutes with no tools needed! ! !
Does not affect vehicle warranty!
Can easily be transferred to another vehicle
Suitable for both gasoline and diesel engine

Size: 50Lx29Wx35H mm

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