jade pillow towel

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We supply the high quality full jade pillow covering, the raw material are the jade, this is one of Chinese tradition medical service projects. Can jade itself contain energy to human body conduction. The rich human body needs trace element. The long-term use, may maintain the blood vessels to be unimpeded, the detachable physique, relaxes the body and mind, eliminates wearily, the promotion sleep, maintains the good state of mind, maintains the abundant energy and the soaring fighting spirit. Slows down senilly, prolongs the life, treats an illness builds up strength, strengthens the human body resistivity, retentivity function and so on many kinds of effects. This mainly uses in individual leisure health care, aspect and so on medical assistance uses. If you are interested to this product, please do not have to hesitate, relates immediately with us. We will provide the high quality service, will have the competitive power the price.

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