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1. With RS232 interface, can be upgraded with software to connect with PC. (12-lead ECG waveform can be transferred to PC, measured, analyzed, stored or printed out on A4 paper. Optional)
2. High quality measurement with precise and consistency analytic results.
3. ARR analytic report results.
4. 8 copies of patient information can be storied.
EKG, Electrocardiograph, ECG, heart impulse
ECG-101: Digital 1 channel& LCD
ECG-101G: Digital 1 Channel& Wave LCD
ECG-300: Digital 3 Channel& LCD& interpretation
ECG-803: Digital 3 Channel& Wave LCD, No interpretation
ECG-1200: Digital 12 Channel& Large wave LCD
ECG-101S: Digital hand held, 1Channel& Wave LCD
ECG-603: Digital hand held, 3& 6 Channel& interpretation
ECG-102: Digital hand held, 1 Channel and SPO2 & wave LCD
ECG, Electrocardiograph, EKG, heart impulse

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