High Speed Mixer/Granulator

Product ID: GHL -150

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Mixing Granulator, the process of Mixing, Wetting and
granulating can be completed in single working period.
It is suitable in the line of pharmaceutical, food, chemicals
industry. It is one of the advanced facilities which meets
the GMP requirement and has the characteristics of high
efficiency, best quality, low consumer, none pollution as well
as safety, etc.
1.Mixation and granulation in a stainless steel construction.
2.The journal is sealed by clear air.
3.Three-dinensional stirring and mixing that ensure high Degree of consistency.The Process of mixing.
Granulating can be Completed in single. working period which meets the GMP requirement.
Compare with other normal equipment. The efficiency is 4-5 times higher than that of others. but the consumption for adhesive is 15-20% less than the traditional technology.
4.Having protective divce that en-sure produce saftly.
5.Among the above machines, the speed of the stirring of the paddles of Model GHL50 and GHL100 GHL200 the speed of the granulating knife shall be set up and controlled by a frequency transformer. It can be widely used for granulation in various industries.

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