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We are glad to introduce ourselves as a leading quality manufacture and exporter Wooden Matches, Wax Matches, Veneer Matches, Matches Skillets and Matches Splints in India. Our Product is been catered to Latin America, Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen and Caribbean market with the very stabilized, secured and steady market demands. The credit of such distinction goes to the quality we maintain. In a competitive world of Safety match production, Creative gives out a quality product which satisfies the clients and end users of the product. Since Creative has a vital experience and vast knowledge in the production of Safety matches, there are large numbers of satisfied customers.

Our product are available in various size and designed in a very innovative and smart style imparting a novel from to a match box as a promotional item in hotels, pubs, cake shops, resorts and many other place.
Specification: ^$Outer and Inner Boxes in Card board (or) as per Buyer^#Quality:^$Our matches are Highly Damp Proof and suitable in all climates^#Product Handled: ^$Safety Matches & Match skillets (Inner & Outer box) ^#Splints: ^$Carbonized Black, Maroon, Red, Green, Pink Splints (or) as per Buyer^#Striking Surface: ^$Plain With Border Honey Comb Tailor Made (or) as per Buyer^#
Size^$We can manufacture all kinds and all sizes of Safety Matches as per buyer. Please let as know your requirement & size of safety matches to quote your best price. ^#

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