Separation Style of Intelligent CTM Boiler

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* With the separation design, the residue of the CTM will be separated in the cup, which is convenient to both decocting and cleaning.

* Since there is on power interface on the mail boiler, it can be clean in the water safely.

* The technology used in the pedestal makes it work effectively. And with the intelligent control, it can change to the keep-warm mode automatically when reaching the set temperature. Once the main boiler is moved away the pedestal, the electricity is cut.

* New design. The switch is easy and clear to use.

* Exactly one bowl, meeting the standard quantity of CTM decoction, is left after the intelligent decoction.

* The alarm function works when finishing the decoction. And it can keep at about 70℃ in eight hours.

* No spilling over with the big mouth.

* Several kinds of capability can be chose.

* The china material keeps the CTM pure.
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