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Product ID: RP208CN

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RP208CN with popular LCD keypads, 8 programmable zones, and the features of network linking and alarm linkage output. It is compatible with internationally popular communication format. With chargeable circuits and clock. It has memory function, so that the programmed parameters and the information of the control panel's condition would not lose when power is cut.

The function is perfect, the programming is convenient, the installation is easy, and the usage is safe. It supports programming any address information at will. It could greatly reduce the working time of installation and programming.

RP208CN adopts the latest technology, LSI Application, SMT Jointing Technology, and digital program design to ensure the reliability and stability of the system. Its appearance is compact and elegant with reasonable layout.

LCD Keypad (RP208KCL)

Display of 32 Characters in Two Lines
3 Keypad Emergency Zones: Panic[1]+[2], Fire[4]+[5], Special Emergency[7]+[8]
Menu Indicates the User Functions and the Installer Programing
Key-press with Audible Feedback
System Condition Display
Trouble Display
LED Indication: Alarm, Power, Armed, Disarmed, Bypass, Ready, Tamper
User Information is Displayed on Screen (except password)
LCD Backlight
Tamper is Supervised
Alarm By Duress Code
Easy to Use Hot-keys for Simple Bypassing and Not-ready Zones Display
One Button for Quick Arming
One Button for Quick Perimeter Arming
Alarm Memory Display
System Trouble Display
Up to 4 LCD Keypads can be Connected


Zone Terminal Resistor (2.2KΩ)
8 Zones of Mainboard
Expandable Wired Zone
Special Zones: Zone-5 is Fire Zone, Zone-6 is Tamper Zone
11 types of Programmable Zones, 7 types of Voice Formats
Zone Terminal: NC, NO, Single End with Resistor
Programmable Output: 70mA
Expandable to 4 Large Current Output: 3A
50 Event Records
8 Groups of 4 Gradable Codes
Switch Output: 250mA
Built-in Siren Driver: 750mA max
Built-in Digital Clock
Daily Test Report
Disarm/Arm Report
4 LCD Keypads Can be Connected to Control Panel
Circuit Responding Time of Each Zone can be Set as 10ms, 500ms or 1s
Mainboard has 7 types of Fire Alarm Bell Voice Driver
Connectible with Four 1.5V 12A Power Supply Expansion Board
Mainboard has One 70mA Programmable Open Circuit Collector
Connectible With 3A C-type Programmble Relay
The Distance is Up to 1500M Between Module and Control Panel
Siren Voice Output

Siren Voice type is Programmble
Current output:750mA(max)
Auxiliary power Output

Auxiliary power Output: 400mA
Built-in Digital Communicator

Attached Digital Communicator, Compatible with Contract ID,4+2
4 Follow-me Phone Numbers
2 Central Station Numbers

One Installing Code
One (User) Main Code (Can Create Duress Code Automatically)
8 Gradable User Codes
Periodic Test

Offer Testing Report to Alarm Center Automatically
Peripheral Equipment

With Voice module
Disarmed/Armed by Romote Control. Any Zone can be Programmed to be the Switch Lock Port
Power Supply Output Expansion Module EPS
Connect with system by 4-Line
Provide 2.5A,12V power to Other Modules and Siren
Complete Supervision of Power Supply condition, including Battery, AC, Siren
Circuit and Auxiliary Power Output
Digital Voice Module RV2006V

1 Piece of Voice Message, Time Lasts 20s
Follow-me Number is Assignable
Timing Function

Auto Daily Arm
Auto Daily Test report
Disarm/Arm Rreport at Window
Monitoring Function

Trouble Data can be Displayed on Keypad, and Also can be Transmited to Central Station
Spare Battery in Low power
Expansion Module of Power Supply Battery in Low Power
Siren Circuit in Trouble
Phone Line Failure
Loss of AC
Loss of Auxiliary Power
System Clock is Not set
Line Communication is Blocked
Tamper Prevention
Fire Alarm Circuit in Trouble

All Expansion Modules can be Connected to the system by 4-Line
The Distance is Up to 1500M Between Module and Control Panel
Technical Data

Transformer 16.5VAC 40VA
Spare Battery 12V4AH
Auxiliary Power Supply 350mA
Switch lock 250mA
Siren 750mA

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