EPP Shape Molding Machine

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Expanded polystyrene begins as a polystyrene bead or pellet. The pentane-loaded bead is then exposed to pressurized steam that causes the polystyrene to expand and mold into the desired shape and density needed. Manufacturing EPS does not involve the use of ozone depleting CFCs or HCFCs.

EPS possessed the physical and mechanical properties ideal for most insulating needs. EPS is utilized as insulation in walls, roofs and foundation as well as packing of home electric appliances for preventing from impact, fish box, agricultural vegetables box. Especially, when it comes to home electric appliances' buffer as TV, Refrigerator, Laundromat and etc., it is very excellent.

In case of EPP products, it is available for many other industrial sector such as Car buffer and wheel's part, Car Sunvisor, packing box for Semiconductor, PCB board, LCD and electric or electron products' packing unit.
Automatic & Efficiency^$This Vacuum type object molder is reputed to have highest reliability and developed to carry out high performance and efficiency in multipurpose moldings including boxes for electronic parts, especially intended for fully unmanned operation to reduce production people.^#Faster & Shot Cycle Time^$This is manufactured for fully unmanned operation with no malfunction in control systems and with extremely shot cycle time and little use of fluid. Thus ejections will dry faster for having little moisture ^#

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