ATC, tool changer, CNC components for CNC machine tools, VMC, HMC.

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1)ATC, automatic tool changer, disc type BT/CAT/ISO 40, HSK63A, taper 50, HSK100A 16,20,24,30 tools. Chain type 32/40/60 tools.
2) ATC for tapping & drilling centr, BT40-12T, BT30-14T
3)CNC components for CNC machine tools, VMC, HMC.
  • ATC, automatic tool changer,
    • We offer the complete automatic tool changer including tool magazine, tool changing mechanism and tool arm with disc, chain, linear, umbrella, rack reversed and symmetric type for taper BT/CAT/ISO 30, 40, 50, HSK63A...etc. to suit vertical / horizontal machining centers, milling machines and tapping / drilling centers worldwide
  • CNC high precision spindles
    • We offer the high precision / high accuracy / high rigidity spindle for taper 30, 40 and 50 of CNC machining center, milling machine, grinding machine and CNC lathe as well. The spindle speed is from 800 to 24,000 rpm and the vibration amplitude is about 0.008 ~ 0.009mm.
  • CNC rotary table, index table
    • We offer a wide range of CNC rotary tables & CNC index table, for boring machine, drilling machine, milling machine and lathe. Our rotary table with features of highest rigidity, high torque, high accuracy, superior performance and innovative dual lead worm drive, wholly circular hydraulic locking system.
  • CNC linear guide/ball screw
    • We offer free maintenance and no need extra lubricant system nor equipment linear guide for all industrial machines and machine tools. The characteristics of our linear guide are: built-in long life lubrication, low friction; equal load capacities in four directions; high accuracy, low maintenance; high speed-low noise.
  • We offer the wide range of Ball Screw - single / double nut, internal circulation / external circulation, with various ball nut available. Each individual ball screw must pass our laser static lead error / laser dynamic lead error testing to assume high accuracy requirement.
    • AC servomotor, induction motor
      • We offer the wide range of servo motors combined with the respective drives to satisfy different and multiple application purposes, to enable optimum motor-drives for industrial machinery and robots. Our servomotors are for those applications requiring high speed, high performance, positioning accuracy, absolute reliability and free maintenance.
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