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We are a leading manufacturer in most kinds of yarn in china ,We are engaged in the fancy yarns of wool, bast, silk, cotton or chemical fiber.our company has served the customers with guideline of harmony, creation, devotion and products.such as twist thread ,rayon thread ,chenille yarn ,fancy twist yarn ,poly thread ,eyelash yarn ,and so on .and have been exporters of yarn for many years.
  • LaceLoop yarn
    • 1/4.2Nm 100%Polyester
  • Centipede yarn
    • 1/13.5Nm 40%Nylon 60%Viscose
  • Feather yarn
    • 1/1.5Nm 100% Nylon
  • Lurex Centipede
    • 1/7Nm 100%Polyester
  • Toothbrush yarn
    • 1/5Nm 100% Polyeste
  • Prayer bead yarn
    • 1/1.5Nm 100% Nylon
  • Pinastree yarn
    • 1/1.1Nm 100%Polyester
  • Porcupine yarn
    • 1/5Nm 100% Polyester
  • Ribbon yarn
    • 1/2Nm 45%Acrylic 55%Nylon
  • Calabash yarn
    • 1/1.8Nm 100%Polyester

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twist thread ,rayon thread ,chenille yarn ,fancy twist yarn ,poly yarn