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escription of 110 impact toolsProduct descriptionDescription of products Information socket and module are the nestification together, the network thread buried among the wall is going on through the information module and outside network thread Join, wall network line it connects with information module one to be through enter the message module 8 core line, network of line according to fixed card Correspond to line the troughs the Chinas'. Card , network of line is it is it spend one special-purpose card line tool to need to enter, call and type the thread tool, also call it " play line pincers ", more to play line tool use distributing frame network line installation , core of line for usually.Features: 1: Suitable for connection task such as cable, module, layout etc. 2:Tool head adopts special material, more durable3:Various types of products in task conveniently
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    • Suitable for connecting cables, modules, distribution frames
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    • The head of tools which is made of special material makes tools more durable
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    • Various products make the job more convenient and special
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patch panels, network modules,DIP switch, crimping tool, adapter