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.freshwater pearls(without nuclei)

a.Round: perfect round, round, similar-round
b.Rice : rice, long rice, short rice.
c.Tyre: thick tyre, thin tyre
d.Drop/tear e.Potato: long potato, short potato
f.BIWA: thick biwa, thin biwa, long biwa, short biwa
g.Cross h.Gourd/cucurbit

2.freshwater pearls(with nuclei)

c.Flat ellipse
d.Flat heart
f.Flat square
g.Flat rectangle

2) color
a. pure white: it is the best white color, processed and bleached by workmen.
b. White: the origin white color
c. Pink: light pink, pink, dark pink, these are freshwater pearl natural color.
d. Violet: light violet, violet, dark violet, golden violet. These are freshwater pearl natural color.
e. Silver, bronze, green, these are rare natural color in the freshwater pearl. It is hard to link these pearls to string.
f. We can dye the colors for customers.
note: we can provide the freshwater pearls with all kinds of qualities and specifications.

2. shell pearls

we import Japan third pearl technology to process shell pearls from 4mm to 20mm. it is a kind of superior-quality imitation pearls,Shell pearls have 5 kinds of colour series (two-tone, southern sea, bright,rainbow,colorful) and totally have more than 200 kinds of colours.The shapes can be round, ellipse, drop,flat, button, heart, diamond, square, rectangle etc.
pls see the attached file(catalog of shell pearls:hs2501.jpg & hs2602.jpg)

3. shell carvings

all kinds of shell carvings, including MOP Carvings( we manufacture more than 300 kinds of MOP shell sculptures including brooches, pendants, collapsibles etc.)

4. pearl carvings

Because of the pearls attached to mother shell so tightly, and baroque shapes of pearls, the pearls are cut with pearl mother together. It also can be made into brooches, pendants, collapsibles etc. they are fashionable adornments nowadays.

5. shell round pearl strands

a.Tridacna round beads in strings
b. Pearl shell (MOP) white
c. Pearl shel(MOP)yellow d. Pearl shell (MOP) black
e. hoof's conch beads in string f. dyed coral beads in string
g. Pearl mother shell flowery beads in strand

6. hoof's conch beads and seawater can be made into strings in shape of animals & plants.

7. glass pearl

The surface of the glass pearl is the same as the shell pearl. But these two types products are different in process procedures, nucleus and prices.

8. Pearl nuclei

Pearl nucleus 0.5-6.6BU, made by superior-quality freshwater shells in America Mississippi River and China Changjiang River. They are suitable for cultured Akoya, South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls.

9. Dyed coral beads

10. gemstone&semigemstone

Cherry Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Rose Quartz
Blueberry or Mutli-Blue quartz
Fancy Jasper
Poppy Jasper
Blue Lace Agate
Red Aventurine
Flower Jade
Green Aventurine
Honey Jade

We also have dyed coral beads, with many specifications and colours.
.all size
.good luster,perfect design

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