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Teknik Makine Model TMM Co is a manufacturer of flowmeters and diffusers. TMM Diffusers has many applications such as biological treatment of waste water, extension of capacity of biological treatment plants, rehabilitation of overloaded activated sludge plants, operation and control of nitrification/de-nitrification, completely mixed or plug-flow plants with or without recycle. Characteristics of the TMM diffusers are fine bubbles result in high oxygen transfer values, accurate response of oxygen transfer to oxygen demand, low pressure losses leads to energy savings, high variability between 0 and 15Nm3/h, no possibility of water entry into systems during system switch-off, no clogging with sludge, no corrosion as only MDPE and polypropylene are used and large aeration area of approximately 0,1m2. Please contact us for pricing and further information . We look for distributors and agents worldwide. Please contact us for pricing and further information .
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