gas smoke detector sensor wireless

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Smoke detector

Whenever smoke thick is up to the alarm limit line or you press on testing button, it will send alarm noise
1.Alarm Sensitivity: Degree A
2.Monitor area: 20 square meters
1.consumer power: monitoring state less than 20uA, alarm state less than 20mA
2.LED flash: once in monitoring state every 40 seconds, in alarm state only a second
3.Alarm output: wireless emitting output, LED flash once every second
4.Work conditions: inside environment temperature -10 ~ 45 degree, relative humidity less than 95 percent
5.Battery: 9V, type 6F22
6.Auto check: once every 1.67 second
7.Weight (expect battery): 100g
8.Demission: diameter 110mm, height 35mm
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