Pulsation Vacuum Disinfector

Product ID: MZX-0.6

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The controlling part of this equipment, adopting name brand products, guarantees its operation. It can control the whole process and disinfect medical implement, etc. On the requirement of GMP criterion, it is the ideal disinfector for customers.
This equipment should disinfected is chiefly controlled the parts and is closed famous brand product, guaranty whole set operating reliability.
The ware of disinfecting is closed and can be complete the pre-programmed control ware and to disinfecting couse the carrying out automatic control to article such as pharmaceuticals apparatus and household utensils, etc., the disinfecting pragnessings, ask to make according to GMP's standard, is the disinfecting equipment of user's and idea.
Specification Product ID Inside size (mm)
0.6 m³ MZX-0.6 1,200 x 650 x 900
0.6 m³ MZX-0.6 1,300 x 650 x 900
1.2 m³ MZX-1.2 1,400 x 750 x 1,050
1.2 m³ MZX-1.2 1,500 x 750 x 1,050
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Power input: 3,000W
  • Rated work pressure: 0.21mPa
  • Vacuum degree: - 0.096mPa
  • Rated work temperature: 132°C
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