Amphibious Disinfector

Product ID: DQX-0.4

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This disinfector has electricity and steam function. Electronic-heating equipment adopts hospital, food industry, etc. On the requirement of GMP criterion, it is the ideal disinfector for customers.
The product is suitable in the medical treatment unit that done not have a steam boiler or does not have steam pipeline. To dressing, apparatus and pousehold utensils, etc., article the disinfecting the processing of trade such as medical treatment and pharmacy, etc.
Specification Product ID Inter room size Ordinary outer skin (yuan) Stainless steel skin (yuan)
0.4 m³ DQX-0.4 800 x 700 x 700 26,800 (RAM) 28,500 (RAM)
0.4 m³ DQX-0.4 800 x 700 x 700 28,800 (RAM) 31,000 (RAM)
  • Our products use electronic heating or steam heating.
  • The structure is compact and the outer mould is beautiful.
  • The temperature and time automatic controlled, and its operation is simply.
  • The inner and outer surface use the stainless steel material and the polishing processing is passed in the surface.
  • Sample purchase.

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