"Kanglaixinian" Egg Roll

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As the traditional food of demos of Taiwan, 'egg roll' has a history more than one century. The alimentation, taste and favor of egg roll just are dense as long as it's history. 'Kanglaixinian' receive the excellent character of kanglai enterprise, makes a commitment for no adding water and full green stuff, to make out more appetizing food - fragrant, sweet and soft egg roll to consecrate to you. This is a king of small food for lie fallow with abundant alimentation, it is approve in order to both the aged and junior.
  • Package iron box: 1 tank = 1 x 24 box, 1 box = 40 x 18g = 720g
  • Aluminum foil bad: 1 tank = 1 x 24 bag, 1 bag = 5 x 18g = 90g
  • Prescription: fresh egg, appropriative flour, vegetable oil, granulated sugar, fresh creamery, savage butter, gingili.
  • No adding water, no adding any additive, full fresh geen stuff.
  • Fragrance is dense, soft approve to you.
  • It is approve in order to both the aged and junior and with abundant alimentation.

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