Automatic 2-Color Toothbrush Tufting Trimming &Rounding Machine

Product ID: OWN'S-160

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The machine is the first one to be exhibited in Asia, which incorporated tufting, trimming and end-rounding into one entity, by which the toothbrush tufting, trimming & end-rounding will be finalized simultaneously by the fully automatic operation. So 50% of manpower will be saved.
The floor square required will be smaller because of the fact that two machines (OWN'S-100+OWN'S-60) are incorporated into one entity.
Trimming and end-rounding facilities are installed privately in the seal-cabinet located in the lower part of the machine, in which there is a special container for collecting nylon crumbs which will stay clean around the machine.
  • Capacity: T/brush holes tufted/1-66 holes
  • Output: 250-290 tufts /per min
  • Shape: Any various types of irregular arrangement of T/brush holes
  • Motor: 1/1ohp x 1, 1/6HP x 1, 1/2HP x 2
  • Voltage : 220v single phase
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