Trainer's Formula

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A natural, topical dressing formulated to protect wounds and accelerate healing. Promotes minimal scarring, is antiseptic and bacteriostatic (discourages bacterial activity).
  • Use Trainer's Formula To Treat:
    • clean wounds & cuts
    • dermatitis
    • hot spots & galls
    • chafes & abrasions
  • Trainer's Formula is natural, safe and effective. Highly penetrating, anti-inflammatory emu oil has been shown to be give temporary pain relief and reduce swelling. Emu oil acts as a trans-dermal carrier, eliminating the need to use unstable DMSO on your prized stock. Research indicates emu oil encourage hair re-growth.
  • Made with pure essential oils oil that aid in the formulation of skin tissue; cool and stimulate the treated area. Inset repelling oils assist in keeping injured areas clean. Powerful tea tree oil, nature's own therapy for skin infections and surface wounds, works as a natural fungicide.
  • Non-toxic, soothing, offers maximum comfort during the healing process. The speed of recovery is amazing. If you buy only one products for your animals, make sure it's Trainer's Formula.

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