Rectangular Mosquito Net For Your Camping Holiday

Product ID: WSC1

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No more mosquito bites while camping. After sightseeing undisturbed nights of rest in this mosquito net. Forget the spray cans with this environmental friendly net. A straightforward rectangular mosquito net for the individual traveler. It's made from good quality, knitted, multi-filament fibers. Both, strings, for fixing the net to a tree or other objects, and also washing instructions are included as well.
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material:
    • Knitted polyester multi-filament fibers
    • Mesh - 156 (squares per inch2)
    • Denier - 40
    • Color - white
  • Safety: Manufactured in accordance with US standard fire retardancy requirements
  • Dimensions:
    • Width 80cm
    • Length 200cm
    • Height 150cm
  • Hanging: To e attached to tree branches or other suitable objects
  • Bag: Plastic bag with 4-color picture
  • Packaging:
    • 50pcs per box.
    • Dimensions per box: W.50 x L. 66 x H. 33 cm
  • Impregnation: Optional
  • Validity: December, 1997

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