Eagle Export
Eagle Export was established in 1991. Our major export products are below items : Surgical instruments: Tungstem carbide instruments, needle holders, scissors, dissecting forceps, vascular clamps and tubbs dialator. Surgical instruments for general surgery, E.N.T., gynaecology and orthhopaedic surgeries. Diagnostic instruments: stethoscope [Indian/Imported]. Blood pressure monitor, aneriod, mercurial & digital B. P. [Indian/Imported]. Opthalmoscope, otoscope, retinoscopes & tonometer [heine/gowllonds]. Gigli saw wire [Indian/Imported]. Medical equipment: Skin grafing handle [Indian/Imported]. Breast pumps [Medela]. Portable steam sterilizers, hospital stainless steel wares [i.e. autoclaves, trays, bowls, sterilizers, dressing drums etc.] [life]. Nebulizers, full range of hospital furnishers O. T. lights [Indian/Imported]. Stainless steel fumigators [1.5 &5 litres] [life]. Suction machine 1/4 H.P. & 1/2 H.P. with crompton motor. View boxes [single, Double & triple films] [life]. Feotal heart monotors, surgical diathermy units and therapeutic units, incubators, caloriemeters & centrifuge machine. Formaline chambers [different sizes specially for endoscopy equipments, oxygen hoods [small, medium and large] [Life]. Disposables: Skin grafting blades [down/feather]. B. P. blades [surgeon]. Suture needles [pricon]. Surgeon gloves sterile/non sterile [surgicare/life+/suregrip/lifeaid ISI]. Disposable face masks, caps, polythene gloves, foot covers, surgeons gowns etc. Needles [disposable/reusable], L. P. needles, aspiration needles, trucut needles, biopsy needles, bone marrow needles etc. [arrow/prickwell/pricon].