Alami Corporation Sdn. Bhd. ( 217004 - X )
Alami Corporation Sdn. Bhd., designated by the Alami Group to further enhance the Group's extensive downstream activities in palm oil, cocoa and coconut, emerged on the international scene with an extensive network of customers, established brands and the confidence of industry and financial circles. Today, Alami Corporation is a visible and respected player in the export and distribution of food products to Syria and the Gulf. The Company's initiatives in Russia, CIS, Africa, Eastern Europe and other nontraditional markets are already contributing significantly to the company's export sales. Alami Corporation's high profile rests on its commitment to excellence. The Company sets high standards for the products it exports. Shipments are expeditiously executed and care is taken to ensure that statutory requirements in the Company's divergent destinations are scrupulously complied. Leading importers anxious to protect their established brands are increasingly turning to Alami Corporation. The Company ships over 15 brands, prominently "Yila", "Al Zahraa", "Dalya" and "Golden Iris"-all household names. Alami Corporation regularly exports under it's own brands, among them "Mr. Chef", "Alfata" and "Golden Spoons". The Company's products are preferred for their fine texture, rich flavor, superior quality and premium packaging. Diversifying its lines of export, Alami Corporation is actively forging relationships in the industrial applications of palm oil, with particular emphasis on oleio chemicals. Alami Corporation moves into the 21st Century ahead of the competition on its traditional markets, well equipped to diversify its destinations and move into new and more fascinating downstream applications for Malaysia's premier commodities.