Yeuen Young Electrical Co., Ltd.
More than three decades of solid experience and a patented automated production process have won extraordinary competitiveness for Yeuen Young Electrical Co., Ltd. a Taiwan-based specialist manufacturer of electrical terminals.
Yeuen Young Electrical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968 as a metal stamping factory, and later as a wire processing factory, thus realizing the huge market potential of crimp terminals. Yeuen Young then turned itself into a terminals manufacturer with semi-automatic machinery.
After decades of unremitting efforts, the company has developed a comprehensive product range, and established fully integrated facilities for high-speed stamping and automation, which bring about low production costs, high quality and low unit prices.
Yeuen Young Now Supplies:
* Electrical Terminals
* Connectors
* Wiring Accessories
* Terminal Kits
* Tools
Apart from the domestic market in Taiwan, Yeuen Young serves customers globally in Asia (Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.), Europe (the U.K., Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, etc.), and America (the U.S., Canada, Panama, Chile, etc.).
Currently, the company has appointed agents in Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Hungary, and is looking for qualified importers in other countries for market exploration.

Company Profile

  • Established in
  • Capital
    US 470,000
  • No. of Employee
  • Business types
    • OEM Manufacturer
    • ODM Manufacturer
    • Exporter/Agent
  • Markets
      Whole World
    ISO 9001, SA, UL