Ultralight HPPE or Kevlar or Ceramic Composite Ballistic Plates for Soft Body Armor Inserts

Product ID: Ballistic Plates

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Dyneema Insert Plates, Spectra Insert Plates, Ceramic Plates, Composite Plate, Insert Panels
  • 100% HPPE Ballistic Insert Plate
    • Ultra lightweight (under 1.65KGS/pc) for NIJ Level III+
  • Kevlar Composite Insert Plate
    • Ultra thin (around 20mm, 2.2KGS/pc) for NIJ Level III+
  • 100% Fiberglass Ballistic Panel
    • Very lightweight and thin for NIJ Level IIA, II and IIIA

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UHMWPE fiber and the relational product as Dyneema Yarn, Spectra Fiber