Hercules High Performance Materials
We are focus on the Strongest Fiber - Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber (or call UHMWPE fiber). The fibers is a continuous and bright white polyethylene filament yarn. It's light than water and the tenacity is more than 10 times stronger than high quality steel and around 40 percent greater than aramid fiber. The modulus is very high and the elongation at break is very low. The UHMWPE fiber is designed for Cut Resistant Gloves and easy to meet EN388 level 5.And also designed for strongest Fishing Lines, Ropes, Nets and so on. We could provide more than 100 tons per month for this fiber.(more...)
Also, we are focus on the Strongest Anti-Ballistic Material - Unidirectional Sheet/Shield (or call UD) that made from the Strongest Fiber. The Unidirectional Sheet's anti-ballistic performance is more higher than other conventional woven fabrics because the energy transferred from the bullet/ballistic threat to be distributed along the fibers very fast.We could provide more than 100 tons per month for the UD.(more...)
Also, we are focus on the Strongest Anti-Ballistic Armors - AntiBallistic Penal/Plate, Helmet and Body Armors that made with the Strongest Anti-Ballistic Material. The armors are easy to meet NIJ standard 0101.04 levels. We could provide around 40,000 pieces standard size body armor plate per month. (more...)

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