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Shenzhen Quick Manufacture Co. Ltd
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Shenzhen Quick Manufacture Co.Ltd is technology-supported by Institute of Advanced Manufacture Technology, XJTU. Our main business scope is doing Research&Development, Producing, selling as well as technical service of the key equipment system which is used to rapidly develop and manufacture product. By using the main equipment and technique of our company, we can service our rapid prototyping and rapid mould manufacture for the telecommunication products, electrotherapy, electron, automobile and toy industry etc. aims to make our corporation's product design and development walk up to a high speed way.
Our Main Business Scope:
1. Selling comprehensive processing center of graphite;
2. Selling the laser RP machines;
3. Manufacturing the SLA RP mould;
4. Producing the silicon rubber mould and little batch plastic parts;
5. Manufacturing CNC prototype.
6.The SLA RP mould
Our corporation has two laser RP&M machine which are the most advanced in China. It can be used to prototype any complicated and delicate spare parts and the processing materials we use are imported light-sensitive resin from USA. The precision of finished product is 0.1mm; the biggest processing size is 600x600x500mm.

7. Manufacture CNC prototype
Our corporation owns four large sized CNC processing centers, which can manufacture any large sized and intricate products. The materials of spare parts can be plastics such as ABS, PC,POM etc. and the biggest processing size is 1080x460x500mm.
8. Producing the silicon rubber mould and little batch plastic parts
Our company's ZK series Vacuum molding system operates easily, vacuumzing fast and manufacturing cost is low. We can quickly manufacture the silicon rubber mould on the foundation of the original product by using the internationally advanced chemical material. It can produce dozens even hundreds of plastic samples in the shortest run. The function of materials is close to ABS, it can absolutely satisfy your company's demand of little batch products.

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