Carol Enterprise Corp,. Ltd
Carol Industry was located in the world factory, Guangdong Province. Rich and inexpensive natural recourses are the biggest differences compare with the other suppliers. We can supply you as below:
Industry tools: Air tools, Turning machining center and Grinding machine.
Mineral products: Graphite, Expandable Graphite, manganese pillow and magnesium ingots.
Chemicals: Ammonium polyphosphate (APP II), Pentaerythritol, Melamine, Chloroprene Rubber, 4-Nirophthalonitrile, 4-Aminophthalonitrile, and MCDEA.
Mechanical seal production: Packing, Sheet, Gasket, Mechanical seals, Carbon yarn, PTFE yarn, Glass net, Metal packing, Machine and Material.
We have an independent development and research department. We’d be happy can discuss the research with you. Easy to use, good quality reasonable price, best services are the missions of our company. More about us please visit our website. Maybe you will find more you interesting. If you have any idea and comments or you need any service, please don’t hesitate to give us a fax or e-mail!

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