ShenZhen LELEFENGTONG Electronic Co., Ltd. was formerly with the world-renowned Fortune 500 companies, a subsidiary, was established in June 28, 2009. September 28, 2010, by the Hong Kong LEFENGTONG and energy to invest in restructuring, officially changed its name to ShenZhen LELEFENGTONG Electronic Co., Ltd..

ShenZhen LELEFENGTONG Electronic Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of green power as a mobile high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing LED solar energy storage battery, mobile electrical battery, mobile power, portable DVD battery, Tablet PC battery learning machine battery, ultra-thin 3G mobile phone batteries, bluetooth battery, mp3 battery, mp4 battery, digital camera batteries, camcorder batteries, laptop batteries, battery model aircraft, scale models batteries, power tools batteries, electric bicycle batteries, electric vehicle batteries and other environmentally friendly portable power . The company also import agent plastic film, diaphragm and other lithium-ion batteries for high-end technical material. Relying on the South China market, focusing on the development of European and American markets, products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Russia, Canada, Germany, Italy and surrounding countries and regions.

October 1, 2010, Hong Kong LEFENGTONG energy to spend 160 million yuan in China's Hebei Province, Baoding High-tech Industrial Park District to establish lithium battery, including aluminum lithium-ion batteries, cylindrical lithium ion batteries and battery three large product development and production, an area of ​​100,000 square meters. May 1, 2011, Hong KongLEFENGTONG energy and potential of the domestic lithium industry leading group of companies joined forces in the town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen Mission Hills co-invest in polymer lithium-ion batteries production base.

ShenZhen LELEFENGTONG Electronic Co., Ltd. is mainly through the energy of Hong Kong, ShenZhen, LELEFENGTONG marketing center and production base PACK. Companies in China. ShenZhen to set up marketing centers and PACK production base, mainly based on market-oriented, perfect for the protection of the marketing team; R & D backed by leading technology and innovation as the driving force; to PACK production pioneer, directly to end customers; to batteries production quality assurance, demonstrate the cost advantages, the most satisfied customers to build cost-effective! 5-year listing of the progressive realization of the goal.

The company has R & D base, with a national laboratory of lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion battery with high-quality R & D and technical personnel more than 50, committed battery research and development. The company has introduced advanced automated production and testing equipment, professional production, quality and sales management team. The company already has 35 million lithium-ion battery production capacity, according to customers' needs in a timely manner to provide ODM / OEM services. As a specialized manufacturer of high-tech products, LEFENGTONG always uphold the "integrity Hesheng, forge ahead, courage, and sustainable management" business philosophy, we go all out to develop new products to new markets, all position of improving product quality and performance, making the best quality products, the most advantageous price sales. The fastest, the best sense of service to develop more and more competitive products to occupy and satisfy the market, to create music through their own brand Bong "LFT-cell." Adhere to the principle of customer first, to quickly provide customers one-stop quality products and quality services, ongoing long-term strategic partnership model to help clients continue to achieve sustained profitability and business success.

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