Chongqing Harlow Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd
Founded in 1990, the Harlow Corporation is a large-scale comprehensive industrial group, with her factories locating in the two famous motorcycle cities Chongqing and Zhejiang in China, which both specialize in industrial and trading business conglomerate. Harlow focuses on integrated researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of all kinds of motorcycles, engines, motorcycle parts, gasoline engines, generators and so on. With more than 100 models of motorcycles (engine displacements employing a great variety from 35CC to 600CC), Harlow is very famous in the world for five categories of her available models: riders, cubs, scooters, three wheels and four wheels. Harlow's market is worldwide, and her exporting motorcycle quantum comes out top in the same profession, and especially OEM parts and CKD or IKD condition exporting quantity possesses the first place in China.
Harlow has attained ISO9001:2001 certification, CCC certification, EEC certification and international quality system certification since founded. She pursues credibility, quality, services, efficiency and practice. While in her long way to better herself Harlow believes that products are limited but friendship is not. All employees in Harlow are developing themselves all the time to strive for the best and to improve the management and services, in order to meet her increasing worldwide friends' and customers' demands for high quality products and services. She welcomes anyone who shares the same values with sincerities, and everyone's endeavor will definitely lead the group to a promising prospect both domestic and abroad.

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